About Us

Company policy:

Nike explorer team sport research LAB

The research lab is an integral part of the Nike Explore Team, whose mission is to drive product innovation for athletes everywhere.

Contact Nike

Contact information for students, media requests, investor information and all other inquiries.

Media resources

Contact information, high-resolution photos and Nike, Converse, Nike Brand and Hurley logos.

Doing business with Nike

Nike’s Global Procurement team manages the procurement process, including selecting and contracting with the right suppliers for the right goods and services.

Company impact:

Jordan is committed to creating positive social change around the world, We help kids get active, so they can have healthier, happier and more successful lives. We bring inspiration to the communities where we live, work and play. We engage our passionate and creative employees to amplify our impact. We work with global partners to tackle some of the biggest challenges in the world today.

Sustainable innovation :

Minimize environmental footprint

Focusing on energy, chemistry, water and waste, we go deep into the supply chain to understand our impacts and identify strategies to use less, use better and use again.

Transform manufacturing

We are not only transforming what products we make, but also how we make them through new technology and sustainable labor innovation. We are delivering performance products with contract factories that invest in placing highly skilled, engaged and valued workers at the center.

Unleash human potential

Our mission — to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world — drives us to encourage every person to reach their full potential, whether it’s on the track, field or court, at work or at home.